Important information to read before you contact me regarding the purchase of a kitten.

What you need to know and be able to promise me: 

Before contacting me regarding the purchase of a kitten, please read the following, and be aware that i sell kittens subject to a kitten contract which has to be read and signed before i will accept a deposit.

Scotstar kittens are STRICTLY not for breeding, unless previously discussed and agreed. You will be given a neutering certificate which the vet carrying out the operation will be required to sign & stamp. This is proof to me that the kitten has been neutered or spayed. I do check with the vet who did the operation. I do not agree with unethical or un-authorised breeding of any animal and believe that rescue centres in the UK are already packed with unwanted animals, many of which are put to sleep every week. Cats are also specially selected for breeding and not every kitten in a litter will be suitable. Leaving breeding to people who know how to do it properly will mean the breed remains strong, and the best animals are selected to carry on the breed.

None of my kittens will be sold or re-homed at any time without my knowledge and approval.

Please do your research before considering buying a kitten. Read as many books and browse informational websites as much as you can. It's useful to join a forum then you can ask whatever questions you may have. Everyone is friendly and more than willing to help 'newbies'. I started there and am very glad i joined! 

Be certain that you have the space, finances and knowledge before you decide to buy. Kittens live for many years. Can you look after them and provide for them for the duration of their lives, and cover any vet bills that come along? 

I absolutely recommend having your kitten insured. A lifetime policy can protect you from any large bills that could crop up. Each one of my kittens is sold with 4 weeks of free insurance from Petplan to start them off. I recommend following this up. It's a small price to pay compared with a large vet bill if something goes wrong!  

Scotstar kittens are all born indoors where they become members of my family and have all they could ever want. They are pampered and as a result are very cuddly, loving babies. They are reared around children, other cats and my dogs Tino and Teddy, and are very well socialised and loved. I expect any new owners to continue this high level of care. My kittens are all happy and confident when they leave my home. 

I only sell kittens to forever INDOOR homes. Cats are much safer indoors and i personally believe that no cat should be allowed to roam unsupervised.

I will not sell to someone i have not had a reasonable level of contact with. I will sell a kitten to someone that i haven't met in person (if for example they are too far away to visit beforehand), and i do not export kittens.

I allow prospective new owners to visit my kittens when i feel they are ready. I will provide alcohol gel to ensure all hands are clean before i will allow anyone to touch my precious kittens. Do not come to my house after visiting another litter, there is a risk of disease spreading. Please do not bring young children along for the first viewing. I prefer a maximum of 2 people visiting at one time. Bear in mind that you are entering my home, not a petting zoo! 

To reserve a kitten, i require my kitten contract to be fully read and signed, and a non-refundable deposit of £150 paid. This will ensure that the kitten is reserved for you, and will prevent timewasters. The remaining balance must be paid in full on collection of the kitten. Payment can be made in cash, by bank transfer, or via Paypal.

Please note that i reserve the right to refuse any sale and withdraw a kitten from sale for any reason. The deposit would be returned. 

You may request a copy of the contract by email if you would like to see it beforehand.

What you get from me: 

Scotstar kittens are all GCCF registered (on the non - active register), and come with a full 4 generation pedigree. 

They will be fully vaccinated and wormed. If you would like your kitten to be microchipped i recommend you have this done at the same time as neutering / spaying, at approx 5-6  months of age. If you would like your kitten microchipped before collection, please let me know.

They will also be litter trained, fully weaned onto solid food and well socialised with children, dogs, and other cats. They will be used to the usual household sounds, i.e. hoover, washing machine etc. Scotstar kittens are pretty much bulletproof!! 

They all come with 4 weeks of free insurance from Petplan, and a kitten pack containing lots of items and literature to get your kitten off to a good start. 

Kittens leave my home when they are 13 weeks of age, in line with the current GCCF guidelines. I am able to "hold" a kitten for a little longer if required.

Please remember that i will always be available through email or telephone if any advice or help is required. 


(I like to keep in touch with everyone who purchases one of my kittens and enjoy updates and photos now and then which i add to this website).