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West Of Scotland Cat Club 28th All Breed Championship Show & Scottish Cat Club 58th All Breed Championship Show.

Saturday 17th January 2015 at Ravenscraig Regional Sports Facility, Motherwell.


RESULTS; Trubrit Lady Periwinkle - 1st, CC, Best Of Breed

CRITIQUE; "Medium sized girl of good proportions and weight and muscle tone.  Neat ears set well on a rounded head but marginally flat on the brow in profile. Round marginally deep set eyes of superb deep orange.  Short nose, nice and broad, level bite reasonably firm chin and pleasing fullness to her cheeks.  Cobby body and short quite well boned legs. Tail short and broad at the base.  Her coat is a darkish blue with pale cream mingling some patchy areas on sides, fairly sound to roots in most places in both colours.  Little silvered at the tips in the blue areas though. 2 paws show mingling". Mrs S Lorton-Hobbs.


RESULTS; Scotstar Amaretti - 1st, Best Of Breed

CRITIQUE; "A lovely natured girl of good size weight and bone for a 7 month old female. Round head with good width between well placed ears, more medium than small, rounded at the tips and set in  the rounded contours of her head. Short nose with break and of uniform width. Cheeks could be fuller, level bite and firm chin. Well placed round muddy eyes set quite wide apart. Lovely broad chest. Cobby body with fairly short sturdy legs and a tail of medium length which balanced with her body. Her tail was broader at the bas tapering towards a rounded end. Well prepared dense fairly crisp coat of a mid cream colour. Some ghost tabby markings in places. Excellent temperament and condition". Mrs C De Martino.


RESULTS; GRPR Scotstar Brodie - 1st, PC, Best Of Breed