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Shorthair Cat Club Of Scotland 12th Championship Show. 

Saturday 17th April 2010 at the Lomond Centre, Glenrothes, Fife. 

RESULTS; Rocadanne Socks: 1st open Best of breed.

CRITIQUE; "A beautiful and typical baby girl showing style, promise and excellent conformation, excellent disposition, she was well presented. Rounded head with corresponding brow and top. Well spaced ears of medium proportions with nicely rounded tips. For her age her cheeks are well filled and her muzzle merges well into the roundness of her face which enhances her pretty open face. Large, round eyes with colour still changing but deep orange tone is evident. Bite is level and her chin is firm. Chunky, short baby body in balance with her short, sturdy legs and medium length thick tail. Well mingled tortie pattern showing shades of red and black with very good contrasting colours. Baby soft, short and dense coat." Mrs S Hamilton.


Edinburgh & East Of Scotland Cat Club 53rd All Breed Championship Show. 

Saturday 17th July 2010 at Leith Academy, Edinburgh. 

RESULTS; Rocadanne Socks: 1st open Best of breed.

CRITIQUE; "Round head and neat ears, round gold eyes, cheeks filling out well, level bite. Cobby body with short legs. Coat short and dense, well mingled. Good temperament."  Mr A Welsh.


Scotia Cat Fanciers 6th Championship Show. 

Saturday 18th September 2010 at Milngavie Town Hall. 

RESULTS; Rocadanne Socks: 1st CC 1st Open Best of breed.

CRITIQUE; "A girl of nice proportions for just eleven months old. Broad top of head, ears of good size, well rounded at the top. Very good round eye shape, eye colour of fabulous orange, short broad nose, firm chin, level bite, chubby cheeks. Good coat texture, length and density, coat colours apart from the black are still developing, all paws broken by the colours, lovely condition." Mrs F Matthias.


Scottish Cat Club 54th All Breed Championship Show. 

Saturday 12th February 2011 at Larkhall Leisure Centre. 

RESULTS; Anthary Flora: 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUE; " A little poppet of four months with the sweetest personality. Round head, ears quite well set. Round orange eyes, short broad nose, round cheeks, good chin and level bite. Very good cobby body shape, short well boned legs and medium length tail. Her coat is short and crisp and very correct to the standard, pink frosty grey, very sound and free from shading."  Mrs R Fisher.

"Beautiful lilac girl of lovely type, lovely round head with full cheeks. Excellent breadth to skull with pleasing round bone structure, on short thick neck. Small rounded ears, set well apart fit into rounded contour of the head. Large round well opened eyes of a lovely copper colour set well apart. Correct short broad straight nose with gentle dip, lilac nose leather, firm chin and level bite. For just over 4 months old this lovely kitten was beautifully balanced, with a very pleasing cobby look and feel to her body, short low back with good depth to chest, shows firmness to shoulders and rump. Short strong legs with large round paws, lilac pads. Lovely short crisp coat, delightful pinkie grey even throughout, also on medium thick tail, thicker at base with rounded tip. A very confident enchanting girl who was beautifully shown, in superb condition, she really sparkled and really knows how to charm." Mr S Leppard.


Shorthair Cat Club Of Scotland 13th Championship Show. 

Saturday 16th April 2011 at The Lomond Centre, Glenrothes, Fife. 

RESULTS; Anthary Flora: 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

                  Rocadanne Socks: 2nd CC, 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUES; Rocadanne Socks: "Of good cobby type, a little naughty to handle, round faced. Breadth between neat ears with fullness of cheeks, short broad nose, chin firm, round orange eyes, short in neck, cobby body, coat dense in texture showing black ground with red colouring. Solid bone / limbs, all feet broken and on tail, which is short & thick. In good condition." Mrs G Denny.

                     Anthary Flora: "Rounded head, small neat ears with rounded tips. Full round orange eyes. Short broad nose. Good cheeks. Level bite. Cobby body carried on short sturdy limbs. Rounded paws. Short tail. Coat slightly long but nice texture of good lilac colour with pinkish tones almost sound to base. Lovely temperament. Mr G Gow.                


Nor' East Of Scotland Cat Club 40th Championship Show. 

Saturday 14th May 2011 at Caird Hall, Dundee. 

RESULTS; Rocadanne Socks: 1st Open.

                  Anthary Flora: 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUES; Rocadanne Socks: "Nicely balanced ninteen month old young lady of good weight for size but i would prefer her larger. Strong head has full cheeks to a round face with good breadth to skull and rounded top of head with good width between neat ears set far apart to follow the outer contours of the head, small in size and rounded at the tips. In profile strong, rounded brow, almost a stop rather than medium nose break and short, straight, broad nose. Nice muzzle, good depth chin, but unfortunately she is undershot. (Confirmed by Duty Vet). Deep orange, large and well open eyes set wide apart. Compact, well muscled body which has a short level back, is low on legs and with good breadth to chest. Short, strong, well boned legs and firm, rounded paws. Medium length tail is thicker at base and rounded at tip. Fairly short, dense coat with a fairly crisp texture. Tortoiseshell British with prettily intermingled colours of very deep brown and pale shades of red". Mrs H Marriott-Power.

                      Anthary Flora: "A round faced cobby kitten ears medium in size well set. Eyes round and golden in colour. Short broad nose, chin firm, cobby in body, coat soft and fluffy as yet, good bone structure for age. Short tail, very sweet". Mrs G Denny.


Edinburgh & East Of Scotland Cat Club 54th All Breed Championship Show. 

Saturday 23rd July 2011 at Leith Academy, Edinburgh. 

RESULTS; Rocadanne Socks: 3rd CC, 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

                  Anthary Flora: 1st CC, 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUES; Rocadanne Socks: "Tortoiseshell who is compact and shows good depth of body with a full broad chest. She stands on short strong legs with firm round paws. Round head with full cheeks. Small ears which are rounded at the tips and spaced well apart. Round eyes of pale orange. Short broad nose that is straight and has a full black leather. Good level bite. Coat is short and dense and is also crisp in texture. Coat is a mixture of black and pale shades of red and is nicely intermingled although there are small patches of red on the face and on her body in places. All extremities are broken with colour. Face shows red and black. Tail is thick and medium in length". Mrs B Prowse.

                      Anthary Flora: "Lilac of good size and shape. She has lovely type. She is cobby and stands on short strong legs on round firm paws. Round head with full cheeks. Eyes are large and round and a good shade of orange. Nose is short, broad and straight. Ears are small, rounded at the tips and spaced well apart. Level bite. Firm chin. Coat is dense and a little soft at present but it is a good length. It is a lovely shade of lilac and has a distinct pinkish tone. Tail is thick and medium in length. Very pretty young lady". Mrs B Prowse.


Scotia Cat Fanciers 7th Championship Show.

Saturday 17th September 2011 at Milngavie Town Hall. 

RESULTS; Anthary Flora: 1st Open.

CRITIQUE; "Good size and balance to this youngster. Rounded top of head, cheeks filling out, sadly her bite is undershot (confirmed by duty vet), strong chin. Neat ears but still a little high set. Golden eyes that still show a slight green inner ring but they are well set, good size and shape. Good body shape with limbs and tail in balance. Short dense but soft coat of blue based lilac that is mainly sound to the roots." Mrs C Kaye.


Cumberland Cat Club 26th All Breeds Championship Show.

Saturday 8th October 2011 at William Howard School, Cumbria.

RESULTS; Anthary Flora: 2nd CC, 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUE; "An excellent cobby girl. Good strength of head, wide width between smallish ears, fullness of cheeks, eyes wide open, deep gold in colour. Strong chin, bite level, short in neck, deep body, coat dense in texture, of good lilac colour, but soft. Short strong limbs, tail thick and short, handled well."  Mrs G Denny.




West Of Scotland Cat Club 25th Silver Jubilee All Breed Championship Show.

Saturday 3rd December 2011 at The John Wright Sports Centre, East Kilbride.

RESULTS; Anthary Flora: 3rd CC, 1st Open, Best Of Breed.

CRITIQUE; "Nice head type with a good round forehead. Well set ears, good profile. Good eye shape, colour could be a little more intense. Coat texture at the moment a little fluffy, the lilac colour on head is very nice but on the body a little dark. Well built, but needs more time to develop. Sweet lady but today a little nervous". Mrs I Hartman.