The ever controversial debate

This is a subject that comes up every now and then almost everywhere you see cats. Rescue centres, vets, amongst breeders, the list is endless.

The decision whether to allow your cat access to the great outdoors, or keep him/her inside is one that every cat owner will need to make, and it's a very important decision indeed.

When i became a cat owner in 2001, i had limited knowledge. I bought a moggie from a farmer and saw that most of the people i knew then, as well as my cat owning neighbours, allowed their cats outside, so after she was old enough, i did the same.

I was aware that pregnancy would become a danger as she matured, but again due to limited knowledge she did get out when in season and she did become pregnant, twice! She could have contracted a disease from the male cat very easily. Thankfully she gave birth to 2 healthy litters and was spayed afterwards without any problems.

Things have now changed, i have much more knowledge and experience and i know better now. Cleo doesn't go outside anymore, unless it's summer and i'm in the garden with her, usually she chooses not to go out anyway as she's older now.

People who think it's 'cruel' to keep an animal confined are misinformed and inexperienced. Even a small flat can provide a safe and adequate home for a cat. Cats who roam outdoors actually don't occupy a large area, usually just their own garden, and possibly a neighbour's on either side. Only entire males will travel over large distances, and this should never be allowed to happen. 

Indoors Vs Outdoors

Indoor cats are safe, secure and happy, if given the correct stimulation. I ONLY sell kittens to forever indoor homes as i don't believe in putting cats outside where they face the following dangers:

* Getting into a fight with another cat or dog. This could result in severe injuries, or even death.

* Poisoning from substances such as antifreeze, motor oil, motor fuel, rat poison, garden fertilisers, and more. This could result in serious illness and death.

* Injury from a person. Not everyone likes cats, they are vulnerable to being hit, kicked, stabbed, burned, or tortured in any other way. YES it does happen!

* Death or severe injury caused by a vehicle. Sadly cats don't know the green cross code.

* Thieves. Cats can easily be stolen, especially pedigree or especially pretty cats.

* Diseases could be caught from other animals such as rats, mice, rabbits, birds, cats or dogs. Anything that bites your cat, or that your cat bites can spread infections and diseases.

* Fleas can be caught much more easily if an animal is let outside, worms also.

* Stress caused by changes in weather, other animals, people etc. Stress can cause behavioural problems. In my opinion, no cat needs to be outdoors, it's not safe or is it fair for the cat.

Would you put your cat at risk?