An introduction to Scotstar :)


Hello and welcome to Scotstar, breeders & exhibitors of beautiful, quality, healthy and well socialised British Shorthair cats. 

My animals are all bred from award-winning bloodlines, and are registered with the GCCF.

I am a member of the British Shorthair Cat Club, the West Of Scotland Cat Club, Scotia Cat Fanciers, the Scottish Cat Club, the Nor' East Of Scotland Cat Club, and the Shorthair Cat Club of Scotland. I am also a member of The Best Of British Shorthairs Group.

I breed following the guidelines set out by the GCCF and i strive to breed as close to the breed standard as possible. I breed for temperament and type. My kittens are all bred to make excellent pets, some are suitable for showing, which i strongly encourage!! Anyone interested in having a go is very welcome to discuss this with me. I provide full help to anyone wanting to show one of my kittens :)

I believe in a high level of love and care of my cats and put this before anything else. Each one of my cats is a pet as well as a breeding and/or show animal. My cats have free run of my home, and are very much members of my family. They are provided with plenty of toys etc to keep them stimulated and happy. They also, of course, recieve lots and lots of cuddles daily!! 

I pride myself on being an 'ethical' breeder who only breeds each queen once per year, and who will never have more than 3-4 litters from each queen in her lifetime. After breeding for the last time, each queen will be spayed and given ample time to recover and regain condition before being re-homed to a carefully selected pet home. Although i wish i could keep them, space doesn't allow this, and i'd rather see them in a forever home where they can enjoy life to the full!

My aim is to breed healthy, friendly cats for pet, and show purposes, and also to offer advice on all aspects of cats. 

I am rather knowledgeable about feeding cats and love to share this with my new kitten owners. 

Scotstar cats are all PKD negative; either by inheritance or genetic testing.

Scotstar is a registered prefix with the GCCF and we are members of the GCCF Breeder Scheme.


All information on this website is my own, from what i have learned through time, from reading books etc, or from my personal experience. Other people/breeders may not share my opinions. 

About Me

My name is Alison and I am located in Larkhall, South Lanarkshire, Central Scotland, just off junction 7 of the M74, around 30 minutes from Glasgow, and around 60 minutes from Edinburgh.

I have lots of experience with animals. I have volunteered for the SSPCA, and the CCT, have bred & exhibited syrian hamsters, rabbits, cavies & chinchillas, and have owned almost every small animal you could think of. I simply couldn't be without animals! Anyone who knows me will know how animal crazy I am! I have an honours degree in Applied Bioscience, and work in pest elimination.

I have been a cat owner since 2001, when i bought a black and white moggie called Cleo. Cleo had 2 litters of kittens (unplanned) and provided me with my first experience of kittens. Cleo was a grumpy girl, but is very much missed. (31/10/01 - 22/05/17).

I then purchased a red smoke male persian in 2003. Bailey (02/10/03) is a big fluffy teddy bear and is one of the most friendly cats i've ever met. He is still living with me and very much enjoys the relaxed life. He is neutered and is often found asleep somewhere comfy! 

I always fancied getting a BSH, i love how large they are, their chunkiness and their placid natures. A breeder of chinchillas i used to visit had 3 large males and that's when my interest for the breed began. I went to a couple of local cat shows to see them more closely and decided that i wanted to pursue this further in 2009. 

I hope that you enjoy browsing my site, please feel free to contact me regarding my cats, or kitten availability. I don't always publish everything on here, and if i can't help with what you're looking for, i will probably know someone fairly locally who can!

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Alison x